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Nora Volkow on prescription opioids, chronic pain and ‘hype’
Research psychiatrist Nora Volkow, MD—the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse for the past 15 years—is one of the world's foremost authorities on opioid and other addictions.
Opioid Addiction: Three Ways to Get More People Into Treatment
Surely the most frustrating—and scandalous—aspect of the opioid epidemic is that thousands of Americans are now dying from a disease that we know how to treat.  
The “gross under use” of opioid addiction medication
“We now possess effective treatment that could … save many lives,” wrote Nora Volkow Tuesday, “yet tens of thousands of people die each year because they have not received these treatments.”  
200 a Day Now Dying of Overdose. Chris Christie’s New Jersey Had Nation’s Second Worst Hike in Deaths
According to the CDC’s latest statistics, about 200 Americans are now dying each day from drug overdoses—the first time the numbers have breached that benchmark.
How a Businessman, After Losing a Son, Is Battling to Fix Opioid Addiction Treatment
When Gary Mendell’s son Brian needed addiction treatment, money was never an object.
Opioid Overdoses Plague Housing for the Formerly Homeless
Ronald Glover encounters a lot of opioid users in his daily travels.
News Roundup: June 1, 2018: Can Relapsing Be A Crime?
This week the New York Times editorial board took a strong stand on an important and highly symbolic case pending before Massachusetts’ highest court. It involves a woman convicted for a drug-related crime.
Stanford’s Lembke: Most high-dose opioid patients should be tapered down—even involuntarily.
When Anna Lembke first became a psychiatrist, addiction was an area she avoided.
In Opioid Cases, Local Prosecutors Are Torn Between Empathy and Demands for Punishment
Judge Gregory Grimslid reeled off the drugs 27-year-old Tyson Kelly had consumed: OxyContin, fentanyl, morphine, marijuana.
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