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Is denying inmates their methadone illegal? A truly compelling lawsuit
For two years Geoffrey Pesce has been in steady, courageous recovery from a nearly lethal heroin addiction. But state officials are set to put an end to that, placing his life into a guaranteed nosedive. They might start as soon as this afternoon. Pesce’s fate now depends on the actions or inaction of a federal judge in Boston. She is hearing a momentous lawsuit, brought by ACLU lawyers, that seeks to force county officials to let Pesce continue his vital methadone treatments in jail, where he is slated to serve time for driving with a suspended license.
Patients on prescription opioids for a year are at 51 times increased risk for fatal overdose
A patient who is prescribed opioids for three to five months is 30 times more likely to die of overdose compared to the general population, according to data compiled by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.
News Roundup: April 17, 2018: Judge Sets Model Trial Dates
As of yesterday, 598 lawsuits against opioid manufacturers and distributors, brought mainly by municipalities, were pending before US District Judge Dan Polster in Cleveland.
Leading Pain Doctors Face Scores of Opioid Lawsuits
Four of the nation’s leading pain doctors, who spearheaded a medical movement to treat chronic pain with opioid drugs, have been named as co-defendants...
Q&A (Pt 1): Opioid Activist Andrew Kolodny Outlines the Origins of the Epidemic
About two years ago someone mailed a bag of nails to the home of Andrew Kolodny...
Q&A: Opioid Plaintiffs Lawyer Paul Hanly on What a Settlement Might Look Like
Paul Hanly, Jr., 66, is one of three plaintiffs lawyers who has been appointed to lead the more than 430 (and counting) lawsuits in federal court that have been brought against the nation's biggest opioid manufacturers and distributors.
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